Northwest Indiana Public Works Group

This report presents the issues of the Indiana shoreline of Lake Michigan as identified by the interested citizens of Northwest Indiana. Also included in this report are the participants' recommended courses of action to address the issues that they have identified.

The following information was recorded during a series of public work group meetings which were open for public participation. A total of twenty-five meetings were held between February 1995 and June 1995. Collectively the work groups identified more than 200 issues and over 500 resolutions.
Interested persons were invited to participate in one or more of the four work groups:
Each group included a chair person, facilitator, and a liaison from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

The primary purpose of each work group was to identify the issues relevant to the group's title and be creative in developing a "wish list" of hopes and expectations for resolving the identified issues. The work groups were also invited to suggest how their reports should be implemented.

The ideas included in this report represent the participants' collective vision of the future of the Indiana shoreline of Lake Michigan. All four reports have been incorporated in this document in their entirety. The reports do not necessarily reflect a consensus of ideas. In fact, in some instances there are conflicting ideas. However, the reports do include all issues and resolutions discussed during the work group process due to the importance of the issues from the perspectives of the participants. The diversity of issues and resolutions recorded within the four work group reports reflects the diversity of the shoreline and its citizens, yet in some ways illustrates the similar expectations the people of Northwest Indiana hold for this resource. A reasonable conclusion of the work group process is that the concerns are many.

Through the wide distribution of these reports, it is hoped that many doors of communication will be opened. Future efforts to enhance Indiana's Lake Michigan shoreline may consider the many ideas presented by Northwest Indiana citizens. Creative solutions must be sought to difficult challenges. The future of our shoreline can only be brighter if every opportunity for positive communication and coordination is exercised.