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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Lake Michigan

The Coastal Advisory Board provides a public forum for diverse stakeholders to assist with the implementation of the Lake Michigan Coastal Program.

Nominations sought for 2019-2021 term

This year the Coastal Program seeks nominations for all Voting Board Members for the positions listed below. Current members are eligible for reappointment only if they haven’t already served two consecutive terms. They still must be nominated. Appointments are for two years. Terms run April 2019 – February 2021.

Please review board member duties and responsibilities below prior to nominating someone for membership. Send questions to mbyrne@dnr.in.gov. We will contact all nominees in late-March regarding appointment status.

To nominate, email the following information to mbyrne@dnr.in.gov by close of business March 8, 2019.

  1. Name of stakeholder group for nomination (Ex.: Citizen, Chamber, Planner)
  2. Name of nominating organization or person:
  3. Contact information for nominating organization/person (email):
  4. Name of Nominee:
  5. Contact information for nominee (email and mailing address):
  6. Description of why nominee was selected to represent the stakeholder group (300 words or less, may include a resume):
    1. Skill set of nominee
    2. Nominee’s connection to stakeholder group
    3. Applicable work/volunteer experience
    4. Other

General Membership

Voting members of the Coastal Advisory Board are selected by the director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Nominations will be solicited every two years for board positions, and every year for “rotating” positions – Local Economic Development, and Citizen at Large. Non-voting members will be selected by the designated agency.

  • Membership Responsibilities

    Members of the Coastal Advisory Board shall:

    • Consider regional issues affecting Lake Michigan coastal resources and reflect a balance between preservation, protection, restoration, and when possible, development for this and succeeding generations;
    • Make recommendations to the DNR director on priorities and guidance for the Coastal Grants Program with the assistance of the Lake Michigan Coastal Program and the general public; and
    • Make recommendations to the DNR director on nominations for Coastal Areas of Significance.

    Members serve two-year appointments. Vacancies in the membership are filled by the DNR director or the designated agency.


    The Coastal Advisory Board elects a chairperson and vice chair from among its membership by a simple majority vote every year at the April meeting.

  • Officer Responsibilities
    • Ensures the effective action of the Coastal Advisory Board;
    • Develops agendas for meetings in concert with the DNR LMCP;
    • Presides at board meetings;
    • Recommends to the Board which, if any, committees are to be established. Seeks volunteers for committees and coordinates individual board member assignments. Makes sure each committee has a chairperson, and stays in touch with chairpersons to be sure that their work is carried out; identifies committee recommendations that should be presented to the full board;
    • Determines whether special Board meetings are necessary and convenes the Board accordingly; and
    • Ensures that board matters are handled properly, including preparation of pre-meeting materials, committee functioning, and coordination with DNR LMCP.
    Vice Chair:
    • Serves as the Chair, in the Chair’s absence;
    • Assists the Chair in Board operation
  • Officer Terms

    Terms for the Chair and Vice Chair are one (1) year in duration. Members may serve in the position for a maximum of two (2) terms.

    2017 – 2019 Board Members

    Voting Members:

    Local Government and Citizens:

    Lake County City or Town – Tim Kingsland, Hobart Sanitary/Storm Water District Coordinator (Vice Chair)
    Porter County City or Town – Donna Norkus, Beverly Shores, Town Council President 
    LaPorte County City or Town – Vacant
    Citizen (Porter County) – Reggie Korthals, Butler Fairman & Seufert, Storm Water Specialist

    Coastal Land Use:

    Local Economic Development (Lake County) – Vacant
    Industry and Business – James Alexander, Nisource Corporate Services
    Tourism - Christine Livingston, Porter County Convention Recreation Visitor Council
    Local Planner (At Large) – Skyler York, Michigan City, Assistant Planner

    Environmental Resources:

    Environmental Advocacy – Natalie Johnson, Save the Dunes (Chair)
    Local Parks and Recreation – Shannon Eason, Michigan City Parks Department
    Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – Lynda Lancaster, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
    Local Natural Resource Management – Paul Labus, The Nature Conservancy


    Historical/Cultural Resources - Brad Miller, Calumet Region – Historical Landmarks Foundation of Indiana

    Non-Voting Members:

    IN Dept of Environmental Management – Michael Spinar
    NIRPC - Kathy Luther, Environmental Director
    US Fish and Wildlife Service - Elizabeth McCloskey
    US EPA -  Elizabeth Hinchey Malloy
    Universities - Young Choi
    Agriculture - Keith Gustafson, Gustafson Family Farm, Porter County SWCD
    IL IN Sea Grant - Leslie Dorworth
    US Army Corps - Erin Maloney, Planner/Engineer
    Regional Development Authority – Jill Huber