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Coastal Hazards Planning Guidance for Indiana Coastal Communities

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While adaptation measures are becoming increasingly necessary for existing structures and developed areas, early planning in areas of new development or redevelopment can minimize potential future damage to life and property along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Coastal and shoreline structure planning and zoning decisions are made at the local level and vary between municipalities. The Lake Michigan Coastal Program can provide assistance to local governments regarding coastal hazards and planning techniques to help officials make informed coastal hazard planning and mitigation decisions.

Coastal Geodatabase

In 2013, the Lake Michigan Coastal Program developed a geospatial inventory of shoreline structures, land use types, shoreline dynamics data, and historic features for the area 1,000 feet landward of Lake Michigan. This geodatabase contains more than 60 GIS shapefiles, compiled to assist shoreline communities looking to incorporate coastal hazard considerations into local planning.

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