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Treasures in Central Indiana

Treasures await you throughout Central Indiana!

Seeing a working rollermill, swimming on the beach and going to a stargazing party
are things you will find in Central Indiana.
Use this map to find that fun!
Click on a pirate flag and find what surprises are near you.

Central Indiana
  1. Ft. Harrison State Park - Learn more
    What's cool here?
    Learn how to camp, fish, mt. bike and more at the Hoosier Outdoor Experience, that is hosted at this property.

    Prophetstown State Park
  2. Mounds State Park - Learn more
    What is here?
    See ancient Earthworks built by prehistoric Indians that are found throughout the park.
  3. Prophetstown State Park - Learn more
    What's cool here? As Indiana's newest state park, watch as this park grows!"
  4. Shades State Park - Learn more
    What's cool here?
    Float down Sugar Creek by canoe and observe the beautiful sandstone cliffs and ravines at this park.
  5. Summit Lake State Park - Learn more
    What's cool here? Camp or picnic at this property and head over to the beach for a swim.

    Water fun at
    Mounds State Park

  6. Turkey Run State Park - Learn more
    What's cool here?
    Participate in a star gazing party at the park's planetarium.
  7. Whitewater Memorial State Park- Learn more
    What's cool here?
    Access Brookville Lake by boat or just enjoy the smaller Whitewater Lake here.
  8. Brookville Reservoir - Learn more
    What's cool here?
    Enjoy big water fun on the very large (5,260-acre) Brookville Lake.
  9. Cagles Mill (Lieber State Recreation Area) - Learn more
    What's cool here? 
    Witness the beautiful waterfall (Cataract Falls) on the property.
  10. Cecil M. Harden (Raccoon State Recreation Area)  - Learn more
    What's cool here? 
    Get a tour and demonstration of the working Mansfield Roller Mill.
    Watch video of Mansfield Roller Mill to learn more about it.