Mussel Online Matching Game

Freshwater mussels are very diverse in the Ohio River and its tributaries. Historically, they have had the highest diversity (most varieties in one area) in the world. The construction of dams, river dredging and pollution has caused many species to become extinct or endangered.

Mussels have some interesting common names. Here are nine mussels found in the Ohio River.


  • Clubshell
  • Elephant's Ear
  • Monkeyface
  • Pimpleback
  • Pink Heelsplitter
  • Pistolgrip
  • Threehorn Wartyback
  • Rabbit's Foot
  • Threeridge

Can you match the name of each of these mussels to it's photo?
(click on the photo of each mussel to see if you are correct)