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Fish ID

Do you know one type of fish in Indiana from another? Below are 10 fish specie that live in Indiana's lakes and rivers.

Also, find out how you can have an Indiana Fisheries Biologist identify your fish.


Try To Identify Each Fish


(Click on the fish to find out what it is.)

I am a member of the trout family.
What am I?




I am a member of the bass family and often reach six pounds.





I am a member of the pike family and a voracious eater.

has five sensory pores, fully scaled cheeks and can reach 20 lbs.

I am a sunfish and often considered one of the best tasting freshwater fishes.




I am a popular member of the trout family often found
in the Lake Michigan tributaries (rivers and streams)
What am I?







As a member of the perch family, I am a
tasty fish that is popular with Indiana anglers.
 What am I?









I have barbels resembling cat whiskers on my face that I use
to taste, feel and locate food in dark and turbid water. 
What am I?








I am a member of the pacific salmon family. 
What am I?






I am part of the sunfish family and often reach 3-4 pounds.
What am I?







I am in the pike family and can weigh 10-30 pounds and reach four feet long.
What am I?












I am a tasty sunfish that is very common and relatively easy to catch.
What am I?





I'm a catfish and an opportunistic predator meaning that I will eat anything that is available.
What am I?








I am another member of the trout family with orange or red spots on my sides.  
What am I?








I am found in Lake Michigan and often weigh 30 lbs. But, I can reach 100 lbs. 
What am I?








I am a sunfish and resemble the bluegill, except for my colors and larger size.
What am I?










Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, redear sunfish, black crappie, brown trout, rainbow trout, walleye, channel catfish, blue catfish and bluegill images are provided courtesy of Duane Raver/USFWS.


Muskellunge image is provided courtesy of Rick Hill, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.

Chinook/King Salmon and Lake Trout images are provided courtesy of Virgil Beck/Wisconsin DNR.

Coho Salmon and northern pike images are provided courtesy of Tim Knepp/USFWS.