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How to Host an Indiana Archaeology Month Event

Why host an Indiana Archaeology Event?

Hosting an event during Indiana Archaeology Month can be a creative and exciting activity. Past activities have included: archaeology lectures, exhibits with specifically developed handouts, mock excavations, archaeology laboratory open houses, archaeology children’s activities, artifact identifications and more.

The benefits of participating in Indiana Archaeology Month and promoting archaeology can include, but are not limited to:

  • archaeological resources facilitate heritage tourism and contribute to economic development in various ways in Indiana communities
  • archaeology promotes community involvement and provides information on our individual and collective histories, assisting in enhancing and planning our futures
  • the information gained from archaeological sites gives Hoosiers an enhanced appreciation, interpretation and awareness of the importance of archaeological resources and their role in understanding past cultures and historic events in our state, as well as promotes knowledge of the contributions of cultural diversity to our state’s development and heritage
  • archaeology can contribute to young people’s understanding of the past and its importance

Event host confirmation form

Information for Event Hosts

The Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology will produce a press release regarding Indiana Archaeology Month. This press release will be distributed to various media organizations statewide. Other avenues of publicity utilized by the DHPA include: mailings, e-newsletter, e-mail, Eavesdropping - DHPA's e-newsletter and more.

The Indiana Archaeology Month webpage will post the complete calendar of events taking place around the state. Event hosts may refer the public to this page for information about the Month.

Event hosts are encouraged to cultivate as much local publicity for their events as possible. We suggest contacting local papers, radio stations, etc. for possible advertising options.

The DHPA has many educational materials and commemorative posters available free of charge. If event hosts wish to have any of these items to help with publicity, or to hand out during the event, feel free to download as many as you like. Postage costs will be charged if physical copies are needed. Payment must be received prior to mailing any items.

If possible, we request that after Archaeology Month, event hosts provide the Division with summary information regarding their events. Information such as attendance numbers, comments regarding activities, suggestions for future events, etc. is very helpful for the Division staff to learn about and improve upon the continuing successes of Indiana Archaeology Month and public archaeology outreach.

Other Archaeology Resources