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Huntington County MapHuntington County

The earliest inhabitants of the county were the Miami Indians. Their existence in the county brought fur traders into the area. By 1804, the Quakers had established an agricultural school for the Miami. In 1834, Huntington County was created from a once larger Grant County. The development of the Wabash and Erie Canal through county in 1835 further encouraged settlers. Despite this early settlement, no significant Jewish community was ever established in the county.

David Marx came to Huntington County in 1874, where he met and married Amelia Levi. He started a clothing business with his brother-in-law Jacob, but by 1885 he operated the business alone (D. Marx and Son men’s clothing business). David served as a city councilman and was active in the Democratic Party. A small group of Orthodox Jews lived in the city (a 1903 article announced that they had rented a hall for services), but without a membership roster, finding their identities is difficult.

Jacob Brenn founded Huntington Laboratories, a chemical production company. Hy Goldberg, who worked for Huntington Laboratories and was active in the preservation of the natural environment.