Northeast Region

Northeast RegionAbbreviations Used:

  • NHL - National Historic Landmark
  • HI - Hometown Indiana
  • HPF - Historic Preservation Fund
  • HTI - Historic Theater Initiative
  • NRHP - National Register of Historic Places 
  • SR - Indiana State Register
  • TC - Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  • UGRR - Underground Railroad Initiative
  • WRHC - Wabash River Heritage Corridor


Eckhart Library (NRHP, received Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant)
1911 Arts & Crafts style library was privately funded by a local businessman at the same time as the local Carnegie library. The HPF grant restored the entrance bay. The building still serves as a library and is near completion.

Eckhart Library (NRHP, received Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant)

Fort Wayne

Chief Richardville House (NRHP, WHC)
This house was constructed as a result of the 1826 Treaty of Paradise Springs and is the last remaining treaty house on its original site in the United States. The U.S. Government gave the house as a diplomatic gift to the leader of the Miami Nation and Chief Richardville lived there from 1827-1841. The WHC grant helped restore windows, doors, fireplaces, roof/gutters, remove stucco, repair masonry, repair/restore wood floors/staircase, and install ventilation and vapor barrier in crawl space. The completed building will eventually be a house museum.

Chief Richardville House (NRHP, WHC)

Rockhill-Tyler House (listed on the NRHP, HI, & HPF grant)
Owned by ARCH, Inc.(the local preservation organization), this small house had been converted into a garage. ARCH is restoring it to its original house form. The grant money went towards roof and masonry repairs as well as repair/replacement of interior plaster, staircase, and flooring. The building will be the office for the neighborhood association.

Rockhill-Tyler House (listed on the NRHP, HI, & HPF grant)

Alexander Rankin House (NRHP, HPF, UGRR)
C.1841 home of abolitionist Alexander Rankin. ARCH, Inc owns the building and received grant funding to write the NRHP nomination. It is undergoing restoration.

St. Peter’s School (listed on the NRHP, applied for Rehabilitation Tax Credits (TC))
1904 school is being restored and converted to affordable senior housing. It is near completion.


Sacred Heart Hospital (listed on the NRHP, HPF grant, and TC)
This 1902 hospital building had been vacant and deteriorating since the mid-1970s and was in danger of being demolished due to its large size and the community’s limited resources. The HPF grant rehabbed the slate roof and repaired the wooden windows. It now holds 26 units of affordable senior housing. The project received the 2004 Outstanding Rehabilitation Award from the DHPA.

Sacred Heart Hospital (listed on the NRHP, HPF grant, and TC)


Horace Mann School (listed on the NRHP, HPF grant)
1895 school is the oldest school in Huntington. The HPF grant went towards repairing/restoring the masonry. It has been converted into affordable senior housing.

Horace Mann School (listed on the NRHP, HPF grant)

Bridge in Sunken Gardens (listed on the NRHP, HPF grant)
c.1917 abandoned quarry was converted into sunken gardens between 1923-1929. HPF grant was used to restore the masonry of the fieldstone bridge that enters the gardens.


LaGrange County Courthouse (NRHP, HPF)
1878 courthouse with a Seth Thomas clock. Grant funding paid for rehabilitation and painting of clocktower.