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South Central Region

South Central RegionAbbreviations Used:

  • NHL - National Historic Landmark
  • HI - Hometown Indiana
  • HPF - Historic Preservation Fund
  • HTI - Historic Theater Initiative
  • NRHP - National Register of Historic Places 
  • SR - Indiana State Register
  • TC - Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  • UGRR - Underground Railroad Initiative
  • WRHC - Wabash River Heritage Corridor


Hamer-Smith Building/Lawrence County Museum of History (NRHP, HPF)
C.1910 commercial building. The grant paid for repair/restoration of the façade. Now will soon be the home of the Lawrence County Museum of History

Hamer-Smith Building/Lawrence County Museum of History (NRHP, HPF) - Before

Hamer-Smith Building/Lawrence County Museum of History (NRHP, HPF) - After


Banneker School Gymnasium (NRHP, HPF)
1915 African-American school. The grant covered the rehabilitation of the main entrance (entrance, steps, knee walls, doors, fan transom, light fixtures), new roof and gutters. Now the home of the Banneker Community Center

Banneker School Gymnasium (NRHP, HPF) - Main Entrance Before
Main Entrance - Before

Banneker School Gymnasium (NRHP, HPF) - Main Entrance After
Main Entrance After

Legg House (NRHP, HPF)
1848 brick house. The grant paid for roof, masonry, and window repair. Now owned and used by Indiana University as the campus housing office.

Legg House (NRHP, HPF) - Before

Legg House (NRHP, HPF) - After


Crump Theater (NRHP, HTI, HPF)
1889 building that was altered in c.1940 to the Art Deco version seen today. Grant funding paid for the restoration of façade and marquee. The theater is open but still awaiting interior restoration.

Crump Theater (NRHP, HTI, HPF) - Before
Marquee - Before

Crump Theater (NRHP, HTI, HPF) - After
Marquee - After

Llewylln Cemetery (Cemetery Registry)
Local resident contacted DHPA about the existence of a cemetery (no above ground markers remained) on a large parcel of land slated for development. Through research she was able to determine where the cemetery was and it is now fenced off and the land around it was not developed.

Fenced cemetery with subdivision in background
Fenced cemetery with subdivision in background


Brown School (SR, UGRR)
Originally known as the Corydon Colored School, the building was constructed in 1891 as an elementary and secondary school for African Americans. It may be the oldest African American school remaining in the state of Indiana. It currently functions as a community center.

Leora Brown School
Leora Brown School


Schimpff’s Confectionary (NRHP, TC)
C.1870 commercial building. Home to candy shop and candy museum that has been in this building since 1891.  

New Albany

Carnegie Center for Art & History (NRHP, UGRR)
The Carnegie Center is housed in the former Carnegie Free Public Library, constructed in 1902, and is a division of the New Albany-Floyd County Public Library. Staff at the Center has begun development on a permanent interactive exhibit about the Underground Railroad in the area and regularly works with the DHPA. The National Park Service has designated the program as a site in its National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

Carnegie Center for Art and History
Carnegie Center for Art and History

Division Street School (NRHP, HPF)
1885 African-American school. The grant paid for window repair/rehabilitation. The school is a community center/museum.

Division Street School (NRHP, HPF) - Before

Division Street School (NRHP, HPF) - After

West Bayden

First Baptist Church (NRHP, HPF)
1920 former African-American church. The grant paid for an engineering study and reconstruction of severely deteriorated foundation. It is in the midst of a multi-phased rehabilitation but the final goal is to have a museum highlighting the African-American contribution to the area.

West Baden Baptist Church
West Baden Baptist Church

Homestead Hotel (NRHP, TC)
This 1913 hotel across the street from the West Baden Springs Hotel has been converted into senior housing