Southwest Region

Southwest RegionAbbreviations Used:

  • NHL - National Historic Landmark
  • HI - Hometown Indiana
  • HPF - Historic Preservation Fund
  • HTI - Historic Theater Initiative
  • NRHP - National Register of Historic Places 
  • SR - Indiana State Register
  • TC - Rehabilitation Tax Credits
  • UGRR - Underground Railroad Initiative
  • WRHC - Wabash River Heritage Corridor


Cannelton Cotton Mill (NHL, HI, TC)
1849 cotton mill on the banks of the Ohio River. Grant paid for masonry rehabilitation. The complex now consists of senior housing.

Cannelton Cotton Mill (NHL, HI, TC)
Cannelton Cotton Mill


Alhambra Theatorium (NRHP, HPF)
1913 theater. Grant paid for exterior masonry, open and restored storefront, replicated missing architecture features (canopy and marquee), installed appropriate windows and doors. A small theater company now works out of the building.

Alhambra Theatorium (NRHP, HPF) - Before

Alhambra Theatorium (NRHP, HPF) - After

Angel Mounds State Historic Site (NHL, HPF)
The site dates from about 1250-1600 AD and represents the Middle Mississippian culture. The site as a whole had been on the Threatened list for National Historic Landmarks. Massive stabilization effort was conducted with cooperation of NPS, DHPA, and staff at Angel Mounds between 2000-2003. As a result of the collaborative stabilization project, the site has now been removed from the threatened list.

Photo by Mike Linderman, Angel Mounds State Historic Site
Photo by Mike Linderman, Angel Mounds State Historic Site

Reitz House (NRHP, HPF)
1871 Second Empire home. The grant paid for the restoration of metal and wood trim elements. The Reitz House is a house museum.

Reitz Home
Reitz Home

Lyles Station

Lyles Consolidated School (NRHP, UGRR)
1919 school that is the sole remnant of Lyles Station, a free-black settlement, was founded in prior to the Civil War by Joshua and Sanford Lyles, former slaves from Tennessee who encouraged other former slaves to come to Indiana. At its peak in 1912, there were 600 residents of Lyles Station. The building now serves as a community center/museum. 


Lincoln Pioneer Village (NRHP, HI)
1935 village created to commemorate the early life of Abraham Lincoln in Indiana. The grant rehabbed five log cabins including foundation, footings, squared on existing foundations, log replacement, chinking, and roof. The village is in the local park and open to visitors. 

Terre Haute

Allen Chapel AME (NRHP, UGRR)
Allen Chapel AME is the oldest black congregation in western Indiana (1837). The current building dates from 1913 when a tornado and fire destroyed the original building. It is a small but active church..1870 commercial building. Home to candy shop and candy museum that has been in this building since 1891.  

Indiana Theater (NRHP, HTI)
Outstanding 1921 atmospheric theater designed by noted theater architect John Eberson and seats approximately 1600 people. The theater is currently showing movies. 

Indiana Theater
Indiana Theater

Paul Dresser House Museum (NRHP, WRHC)
1859 brick home of Paul Dresser who wrote “On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away”. The grant paid for exterior and some interior rehabilitation. The Vigo County Historical Society owns the house and runs it as a house museum.

Paul Dresser House Museum (NRHP, WRHC) - Before

Paul Dresser House Museum (NRHP, WRHC) - After


Old French House (NRHP, HI)
C. 1800 log house. Grant paid for front and back porch framing and flooring, summer kitchen rehabilitation, new shingle roof on house and kitchen, and repaired and painted wood siding. It is open as a house museum.

Old French House (NRHP, HI)
Old French House

Grouseland [William Henry Harrison Home] (NHL, WRHC)
1804 home of Territorial Governor William Henry Harrison. The grant paid for masonry rehabilitation, shutter replacement, and some localized roof repairs. Grouseland is a house museum.

Grouseland [William Henry Harrison Home] (NHL, WRHC)

Hack & Simon Office Building (NRHP, HPF)
1885 commercial building. The grant paid for masonry rehabilitation, floor joists/sheathing, slate roof, metal flashing and downspouts, and door/window repairs. The building is owned and used by Vincennes University.

Hack & Simon Office Building (NRHP, HPF) - Before

Hack & Simon Office Building (NRHP, HPF) - After

McGrady House (NRHP, HPF)
1859 Gothic Revival house. The grant paid for a new metal roof. The McGrady House contains the history and genealogy collections of the Knox County Public Library.

McGrady House (NRHP, HPF) - Before

McGrady House (NRHP, HPF) - After