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Historic Travel Itineraries

Indiana Statehouse

Indiana Statehouse, Indianapolis

The Division of Historic Preservation & Archaeology offers themed travel itineraries to highlight historic resources in Indiana.

The itineraries were first created in 2004 to educate Hoosiers and visitors about unique places and garner recognition for the locations. New itineraries are unveiled in May during Historic Preservation Month.

The locations included are recognized by programming that filters through the DHPA, such as the State or National Registers, the Historic Theater Initiative, the Cemetery Registry, the Underground Railroad Initiative, and others.

The itineraries are not a comprehensive list. Many places are open to the public, but some are private property.

To create your own walking tour, the History Channel offers help in the "A Walk to Remember" Save Our History project guide available here (PDF). It also has another project guide to help educators create neighborhood history projects here (PDF).