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Early Peoples of Indiana

This document was first published by the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (DHPA) in 1999. This is our most requested archaeology outreach product, and much has been discovered, and learned, since the original. This document is designed to provide an introduction to the rich, varied, and complex nature of the prehistoric cultures who once inhabited Indiana, as well as early historic peoples, to inform the reader about the science of archaeology, and relate its importance and how and why it is practiced in our state.

The rich and varied histories and prehistories of people living in the area that was to become the state of Indiana are fascinating in their complexity, achievements, and contributions to Indiana’s heritage and history, not to mention cultural and scientific studies of the past. We hope that a better understanding and appreciation of these cultures and their contributions (which are still with us today) will be gained through reading this publication. It is also hoped that some readers will be stimulated enough to pursue further studies of these groups, or even to pursue careers in, and contribute to, the study of the past.

Indiana Archaeology Journal

The journal—produced by the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology—presents in-depth articles on a wide range of archaeological topics, written for both professional archaeologists and the general public.

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*    Responsible Artifact Collecting
*    Native American Plant/Tree material collection for medicinal or ceremonial purpose on DNR Property

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