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Underground Railroad Sites: Fremont

Freemont - 1876Nestled in the far northeast corner of the State, residents of the small town of Fremont aided slaves escaping along the eastern route of the Underground Railroad network. Fremont acted as a final stop in Indiana for many refugees traveling through Richmond and Fort Wayne. Erastus Farnham was one of the local Underground Railroad leaders.

Image: Illustrated Historical Atlas of Indiana (Baskin, Forster and Company, 1876; Reprinted, Indiana Historical Society, 1968)

Erastus Farnham House

Erastus Farnham House

Erastus Farnham, a staunch abolitionist, built this home in 1847 and used it as a stop on the Underground Railroad. Today, the home retains its nineteenth-century features including a cupola that served as a lookout point and an internal cistern, which allowed the clandestine capture of water from the gutters. This extra water allowed the house to support additional guests when necessary without raising suspicion.

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