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Foreign Language Initiative

St. Francis Xavier Church
St. Francis Xavier Church
Vincennes, IN

The DHPA always looks for unique ways to reach Hoosiers. Teaching people more about their heritage and the importance of protecting historic structures and archaeological sites has always been a high priority. To further that goal, the Division created the Foreign Language Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to encourage foreign language educators to utilize Indiana's historic structures and built-environment when teaching their language and culture, thereby broadening the students knowledge about the diverse cultural forces that have shaped Hoosier history.

In 2002, the Division partnered with the French Foreign Language Teachers Association to prepare a packet of contextual materials, historical essays, and terms associated with the French in Indiana for use by French language teachers. The initiative was presented to educators at the annual Foreign Language Teachers Association meeting in Indianapolis in November 2002. The initiative, idea, and packet were well received by the teachers who expressed interest in learning more and having additional lesson plans created. DHPA committed to creating these plans and incorporating more information into the packets for the 2003 conference. In the future, DHPA also plans to expand this program to other languages and cultures with a long heritage in Indiana.