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New Albany Underground Railroad Historical Marker
New Albany Underground Railroad Historical Marker
New Albany, IN - Floyd County

To better understand several nearly forgotten pieces of our Indiana history, the DHPA has created several programs aimed at identifying, preserving, and interpreting segments of the State's diverse population. The DHPA has recently created programs related to:

The intent of these initiatives is to promote the conservation of Indiana's diverse cultural resources through the identification, preservation, interpretation, and recognition of sites. Included amongst the listed locations are sites such as commercial buildings, houses, and cemeteries. The DHPA, along with the network of local and county historians, will investigate each of these listed sites, revealing the often overlooked and underrepresented histories that accompany both standing and former sites and structures.

The DHPA always looks for unique ways to reach Hoosiers. Teaching people more about their heritage and the importance of protecting historic structures and archaeological sites has always been a high priority. These new initiatives further this goal.

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