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Preservation Methods

Madison Historic District
Madison Historic District
Madison, IN - Jefferson County

In order to protect or preserve your cultural resource, you’ll need a number of tools to make it happen. Learning more about the history of your site or the context in which your property sits will help make a case for a National Register listing. Depending on your historical topic area, the DHPA has a number of bibliographies that might help in your research. Don’t let these bibliographies be your stopping place for research, but rather just the beginning.

Once you have the history of the building and want to start working toward preserving your treasure, you may want to bring in your local community, state or federal partners, or check for local government regulations to assist you. Our directory will help you start looking for some of the people with whom you should get involved.

For some projects, you may want someone who completes this work professionally. Our office has lists of qualified professional who work on National Register listings as well as archaeologists, who can help if your resource might be underground.

Now that you have your history and partners, our office can help you find and understand the various preservation standards. Don’t hesitate in contacting us for more help.

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