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National & State Registers - Application Process

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Before filling out any forms, you must determine if the property is eligible for listing. Download and fill out the Determination of Eligibility Form (below) and send the required information in to the DHPA. We'll contact you with more information and our determination of eligibility.

Using the forms for National Register of Historic Places Application form and the nomination checklist, you can submit a nomination. An application for National Register listing then undergoes technical and substantive reviews to assure that it meets National Register criteria. Once accepted by the DHPA staff, the application is presented to the Indiana Historic Preservation Review Board for their approval at one of their quarterly meetings. Owners and interested parties will be notified of the date, time, and location of the meeting. If the Review Board “nominates” the property, the application is then forwarded to the National Register for their review. The DHPA will notify you when your property has been listed.

All National Register properties are automatically listed in the State Register. If you wish to list a property in the State Register only, use the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures Nomination. The application process for the State Register is simpler. The applicant, if not the property owner, should make the owner aware of the pending nomination and must complete the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures Nomination and submit it along with photographs, a site plan, and floor plans (see the nomination form for details) to DHPA.

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