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The Truth about Yellowwood State Forest Timber Harvest

Responses to Claims on SaveYellowwood.com

The ‘Save Yellowwood’ website is a non-DNR website that intentionally exaggerates and misrepresents the management planned for this part of the backcountry area of Yellowwood State Forest.

The planned forest management work will selectively and lightly thin the forest at an intensity much lower than normally prescribed for similar areas found across the State Forest. Each tree identified for removal has been inspected and selected by a trained, professional DNR forester to reduce overcrowding and retain an older-forest character consistent with long-established backcountry guidelines. DNR experts have also reviewed potential impacts on wildlife and have found no significant negative impact from these operations—and find many positive aspects that will directly benefit various habitat types. Much of this review was based on the findings of scientists who have been studying the specific issue of harvesting impacts to wildlife on State Forests over the last decade.

The area in question has been mischaracterized by opponents as unique “old-growth forest,” unlike anywhere else on the State Forest. In reality there has been quite a long history of disturbance, including portions of the area at one time being fruit orchards and having been harvested previously.

Most of these claims and many more are addressed in more detail in a list of public comments and responses.

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