Big Tree Nominations

NOTE: Nomination period for the 2015 registry closed in Oct. 2014.

Thank you for your interest in the Indiana Big Tree Register, sponsored by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Forestry.

You can use the instructions and online form below to nominate a tree. Alternatively, you can download and print a form and mail it to: Indiana Big Tree Coordinator, 14043 Williams Rd. Shoals, IN 47581

We hope that through this program the largest specimens of each tree species native to Indiana will be found. All landowners and nominators of Champion Trees will have their names published in the Indiana Big Tree Register, along with the size and general location of the champions.

Questions? Call Janet Eger, (812) 247-2479; e-mail:

Data submitted should include:

  1. Common species name according to Deam’s “Trees of Indiana.”
  2. Scientific name, if known.
  3. County and Township where tree is located.
  4. Physical condition of tree when measured.
  5. Date measured.
  6. Map showing location of tree.
  7. Circumference, total height, average crown spread of tree.
  8. Owners name and address.
  9. Nominator’s name, address and phone number and date nominated.
  10. Landowner’s permission to submit entry.
  11. One or more photographs of tree.

Please follow these instructions for measuring and identifying trees.