Indiana Forest Stakeholder Summit

The Indiana Forest Stakeholder Summit was held at 4 regional Indiana locations between June 24 and July 2, 2009 – Wabash in the north, Indianapolis in the central region, Bloomington in the south central region and Huntingburg in the south.

The Summit provided forest stakeholders with an opportunity to provide input, suggestions and comments relating to the development of Indiana’s Statewide Forest Assessment.  The Summit attempted to refine and clarify the most pressing issues that are being faced by Indiana’s private, public and urban forests.  Stakeholders also contributed their visions of a desired future forest condition and discussed the implications of priority landscape areas.

The Indiana Forest Stakeholder Summit was successful in brining together and engaging a wide range of forestry interests and enabling them to share their concerns for the condition and future of our diverse Indiana woodlands. 

The following are provided documents relating to the Indiana Forest Stakeholder Summit.

Input toward the development of a more accurate assessment of the state of Indiana’s 4.7 million acres of private, public and urban forests continues to be appreciated.  Explicit geospatial data can be sent directly to   Information or input on other topics should be addressed to

Updated: July 27, 2009