Stakeholder Coordination

Stakeholder Coordination

The Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy was developed with partners and stakeholders to ensure that the State Assessment (1) integrates, builds upon, and complements other state natural resource assessments and plans and (2) identifies opportunities for program coordination and integration, and (3) strengthens partnerships to benefit Indiana's forests. 

The Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committee, an established group representing a range of forestry interests in Indiana, has participated in the planning process along with a broader group of forest stakeholders (list of stakeholders – survey respondents).

Partners are encouraged to contribute updates in this planning process and help facilitate coordinated efforts in the interest of Indiana’s forests.  Please email suggestions, comments and events to:

Opportunities for continued stakeholder involvement, public meetings and review documents will be listed on this website.  Previous coordination and stakeholder involvement may be reviewed on the following webpages:

For information pertaining to the Statewide Forest Assessment & Strategy please write to: