Developing the Assessment & Strategy

Our Approach: Developing the Assessment & Strategy 

  • Assemble and review relevant literature/documents to integrate, build upon, and complement other state natural resource assessments and plans
  • Constantly improve Web site to facilitate stakeholder exchange
  • Identify and collect contact information for stakeholders representing Forestry Groups; Governmental Departments; and Non-Government and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Survey stakeholders (using Survey Monkey)
  • Organize public meetings/stakeholder input sessions (4 meetings in different locations) to refine issues to be addressed in the Assessment
  • Conduct GIS overlay analysis reflective of feedback on Indiana forest issues
  • Use the forest issues as a framework to internally draft the Assessment
  • Draft Assessment and share with stakeholders for input 
  • Incorporate stakeholder review comments
  • Survey stakeholders regarding strategy development
  • Organize public meeting to refine statewide strategy
  • Incorporate stakeholder comments on draft Strategy
  • Release final statewide strategy (June, 2010)

For more information or to comment on Statewide Forest Resource Assessment & Strategy development, please email