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Instructions for Application

Filling out the Application Form
Indicate the calendar year you are applying for.

(A) The applicant shall insert the name of the person if it is an individual, or the name of the partnership, corporation,etc.
The complete address and telephone number shall be given of the principal office in Indiana. Where the applicant operates out of home and there is no office, this shall be given. Indicate the county in which this office is located.
If a buyer is using a name other than his/her own to conduct business as a timber buyer, then this name shall be given.

(B) If the applicant is an individual and is not part of a corporation or partnership, proceed to (C). If it is a corporation or partnership, complete section (B).

(C) Insert the total amount of money paid to "timber growers" during the past 12 months. This includes stumpages, trees felled by a grower, or logs purchased from a grower either in the woods, yarded or delivered. New buyers should estimate total dollar value to be paid for timber during the next 12 months. It is mandatory that this blank be completed.

The minimum Surety Bond, Certificate of Deposit or Cash Deposit shall be two thousand dollars ($2,000) for timber purchased in the preceding year amounting to five thousand dollars ($5,000) or less. For each additional one thousand dollars ($1,000) or fraction thereof, of timber purchased, an additional one hundred dollars ($100) of bonding or deposit is required. The maximum amount required shall be twenty thousand ($20,000) and would apply to those purchasing one-hundred-eighty-five thousand dollars ($185,000) or more of timber annually.

For Example: You paid $25,850 for timber last year. Your bond requirement would be $2,000 bond coverage for the first $5,000 of purchases and $100 bond coverage for each $1,000 of purchases. Therefore, the minimum acceptable bond amount would be $4,100.
If timber was not purchased last year, then the amount to be purchased shall be estimated and the Bond, Certificate of Deposit or Cash Deposit would be figured as above.
As your business increases additional bonding will be required at the date of relicensing until you reach the maximum bond required.

(E) Don't forget to attach the check or money order for the license fee made out to: Department of Natural Resources or State of Indiana.

(F) Under the 1975 amendment all agents are to be registered by completing an Agent's Registration Form 50312 for each agent. The Department reserves the right to refuse to issue agents registration if said agent does not meet the requirements of the "Timber Licensing Law", Sections 11, 15 and 16.
An "Agent's Card" will be issued to the licensee or his designee at no charge. In the case of a Partnership, Company, Corporation, etc., this will normally be the "head buyer" or "ranking officer." Please fill out an Agents Registration form for this person.

(G) If you normally purchase timber in six (6) counties or less, then list the counties. If over six counties, you may describe the area by using state or federal highway numbers. As an example, a company in the northeast part of the state may purchase timber from US 31 on the west to the Michigan line on the north to the Ohio line on the east to I-70 on the south. If the person or company purchases state-wide, then designate as such.

(H) The application shall be signed by the appropriate person in the presence of a notary public.

The application shall be notarized by a duly authorized notary public.

Information submitted in the application form will be used in compiling a directory of licensed timber buyers.

Bonding Requirement
There are 3 options available:

Surety Bond Forms:
Take these surety bond forms to your local insurance agent or bonding company who is licensed to do bonding in the State of Indiana and have them filled out completely and notarized by a Notary Public who has an up-to-date license to notarize in the State of Indiana. Attached to each copy should be a Power-of-Attorney issued by the Surety Company. In case of Certificates of Deposit or Cash Deposit no Power-of-Attorney is needed.

Collateral Assignment of Certificate of Deposit Forms:
You may submit a Collateral Assignment of Certificate of Deposit form as proof that monies equal to the amount of the needed bonding are on deposit. These forms are filled out by the bank and attached to the application form.
The Certificate of Deposit must be endorsed by the person or persons named on the CD as the payees (if Corporation is the payee, it must be signed by the President and the Secretary of the corporation and sealed with the corporation's seal).

Cash Deposit (no forms):
In lieu of a surety bond or a certificate of deposit, you may post a cash deposit. The check or money order must be payable to the Director of the Department of Natural Resources. Upon receipt of this cash deposit, the money will be deposited in the "Cash Deposit" account and you will receive a receipt in that amount.

Method of Payment:
At the bottom of the application is a small form requesting your method of payment. Please check the appropriate boxes and if paying by credit card, please make sure to fill in all required information.

Return your application forms, bond forms, and payment method form to:
Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
402 W. Washington St., Rm W296
Indianapolis, IN 46204

If you have any problems or questions, please contact:
Duane McCoy, Timber Licensing Forester, (317) 232-4112
Email: dmccoy@dnr.in.gov