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Indiana Forest Industry Overview

The Indiana forest products industry is the sixth largest manufacturing industry in the state, employing over 56,000 people. Forest-based manufacturing provides $3.5 billion in value-added and $7.9 billion in value of shipments to Indiana's economy each year. It ranks first nationwide in the production of wood office furniture, wood kitchen cabinets, and hardwood veneer, along with several other products. As small family-owned businesses, wood products companies average less then 50 employees and play an important role in rural communities.

The wood-using industry utilizes one of Indiana's most valuable renewable natural resources-timber. Proper management of Indiana's timber resource will help guarantee primary wood-using firms a supply of quality wood fiber. These sawmills and veneer plants, in turn, provide top quality materials for the secondary industries to produce paneling, fine furniture, cabinets, and similar finished products.

This directory is an ongoing effort and is compiled from information collected by personnel from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Forest Resources Information Section. The data is collected by sending questionnaires to known firms and by personal contact, utilizing many address databases for Indiana manufacturing firms. A sincere effort is made to include all firms. Inclusion does not constitute endorsement of that firm, neither does exclusion reflect negatively on a firm. Much of the accuracy and completeness of information collected for this publication depends on the cooperation of the listed companies. Information is reported as we receive it from the company. It is believed that the information in this database is accurate and reliable; however, validity of the contents of this directory cannot be guaranteed.

Corrections, omissions or comments relative to this directory should be addressed to:

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We wish to thank those companies who took the time and effort to complete the survey questionnaire. Without your cooperation, this effort could not be possible.