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Online License System Help

Frequently asked questions

Email and registration

Does the system offer both resident and non-resident fishing, hunting and trapping licenses?

What if I move to Indiana or qualify for a resident license, but I am not a resident?

Can more than one customer use the same email address?

What if my email address changes?

I registered, but I get a username/password error when logging in.

Establishing your profile

What is the customer ID number?

How do I change the date of birth in MY PROFILE?

HIP numbers

What is HIP?

Purchasing your license

How do I know what licenses I need?

Why is the license I need not showing in the list of licenses available to purchase?

Do I need my hunter's education certification number to buy a license?

How do I use associations?

Can I buy stamps without purchasing a hunting or fishing license if I already have one?

Gift certificates and donations

I purchased a gift certificate, why didn't I get an email message?

How do I redeem a gift certificate?

How do I make a donation?


How do I reprint my license?

Do I need a printer in order to buy an online license?

Since the license is purchased electronically, do I still need to carry it?

Will my license print on tear resistant or waterproof paper?

Are sample temporary transportation tags available online?


Are there additional fees for buying licenses online?

What type of credit cards are accepted?

Is the system secure?

What if I make a mistake after I buy my license?

Why was my credit card declined?

Whom do I contact if I have problems?