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Report A Large Mammal

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The Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife occasionally receives reports of large mammals such as mountain lions, gray wolves, and black bears. There are NO breeding populations of these species in Indiana. But one of these large mammals may pass through Indiana during dispersal events from established populations in other states. Dispersal events are when such mammals leave the areas in which they were born in search of vacant territory, a mate, or additional food resources. Such animals tend to keep moving, sometimes hundreds of miles. This form provides an opportunity for the public to report sightings.

Please e-mail photos to dfwreport@dnr.IN.gov in medium size .jpeg file format. Videos should be .mp4, wmv or .mov

Completion of this form is voluntary. Data submitted may be shared within DNR and partners with the discretion of DNR staff. Personal information will be used to process your observation and may also be used for participation in surveys and other secondary purposes.. A district wildlife biologist may contact with questions about your observation or to set up a site visit to verify authenticity details of any photos submitted.

Bobcat is listed as a reportable species on the large mammal observation form. Bobcat can be found throughout Indiana, but are more prevalent in the southern part of the state. The Division of Fish & Wildlife has listed bobcat on this report form as a low-cost tool to gather additional information on their distribution in the state.

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