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Reynolds Creek Gamebird Habitat Area

 Reynolds Creek Game Bird Habitat
Managed by Kingsbury FWA 
(219) 393-3612

  • Description

    Possession of the land which comprises Reynolds Creek Gamebird Area began in 2011 with the transfer of 1,250 acres from the Indiana Department of Corrections to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish & Wildlife. Reynolds Creek Gamebird Area is comprised mostly of agricultural fields, two small woodlots, and several restorable wetlands. Future plans are to decrease the farmland and convert to native prairies and restore the wetlands. The Federally-owned Great Blue Heron Rookery adjoins the property to the north. Reynolds Creek winds through the western portion of the property and eventually empties into the Little Calumet River. Reynolds Creek contains one of the last remaining natural reproducing brown trout populations in the State.

  • Activities


    • No open hunting is allowed. Hunting by special permit only. Special permit can be obtained at Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area.


    • No Fishing is allowed at Reynolds Creek Gamebird Area.


    • Trapping opportunities are allocated by drawing on the first Saturday of October at Kingsbury FWA.

    Wildlife Watching

    • Wildlife watching is allowed, given the close proximity to Lake Michigan, many bird species have been documented on the property.

    Neighboring Land

    • The Federally owned Great Blue Heron Rookery has a parking lot available on County Road 600 East. Please obey all signs on the property.

    NO Camping and NO Swimming Allowed.

    Please Read and Obey All Signs.

  • Rules


    In addition to state fish and wildlife laws, this property is governed by posted regulations affecting the public use of lands and facilities owned, leased or licensed by the Department of Natural Resources. Pursuant to the Authority of Chapter 60, Acts of 1919, Chapter 120 and Chapter 353, Acts of 1945, Chapter 221, Acts of 1957, Chapter 406 and Chapter 441, Acts of 1965; and the Indiana Code of 1971, 14-3-3.


    Violation of any law, rule or regulation governing this property may be cause for forfeiting your hunting, fishing, or visiting privileges on this area


    The Division of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Natural Resources, will not be held responsible for any accidents or deaths occurring from the use of these facilities.


    • In addition to a hunting license, the following permits are required:

      Collecting Permits are required from the property manager or IDNR for the collection of anything except nuts, berries, mushrooms, and deer antler sheds.


    • Traffic on public roads through the area is governed by state and county laws. All other roads are limited to foot traffic only.
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