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Reserved Hunt Information

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What do I need to apply?

  • A valid hunting license for the species you intend to hunt for that season/equipment.
  • A valid email address for confirmation of application submission.

How do I know if my application is complete?

  • You will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address you provided.
  • After you have submitted your application, PRINT or SAVE your confirmation page. Once you have applied, you can double-check if the application was submitted successfully by logging back into the reserved hunt system. If a hunt choice is still in the drop-down box, you did not successfully apply. The system will not allow you to apply for the same hunt more than once. So, if the hunt shows up in your drop-down box, then you need to apply.
  • The website will have you add the hunt you apply for to the "Shopping Cart," and you will be asked to "Check Out" and "Place Order, even though there is no fee. You will need to place your order in the cart to submit your application.

Other Important Information

  • Once you have submitted your hunt application, you cannot change it. If you need to update your contact information, you may do so by logging into the reserved hunt system.

Spring Turkey Hunt Locations

  • Spring Turkey Hunt Locations

    The DNR properties open to turkey hunting without being reserved in a pre-season drawing are listed below:

    • Glendale Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Crosley Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Deer Creek Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Hovey Lake Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Atterbury Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Sugar Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Chinook Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Hillenbrand Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Fairbanks Landing Fish & Wildlife Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Cedar Swamp Wetland Conservation Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Marsh Lake Wetland Conservation Area (after the first 5 days)
    • Kankakee Fish & Wildlife Area
    • Splinter Ridge Fish & Wildlife Area
    • Austin Bottoms Conservation Area
    • Aschcraft Wildlife Management Area
    • Morgan Bluff Wildlife Management Area
    • Blue Grass Fish & Wildlife Area
    • Little Pigeon Creek Wetland Conservation Area
    • Lost Hill Wetland Conservation Area
    • Oak Grove Wildlife Management Area
    • White River Bend Wildlife Management Area
    • Chinook Fish & Wildlife Area
    • Sugar Creek Conservation Area
    • Wabash River Conservation Area
    • Wilbur Wright Fish & Wildlife Area
    • Modoc Wildlife Management Area
    • Randolph County Wildlife Management Area
    • Deniston Resource Area
    • Curtis Wetland Conservation Area
    • Eagle Lake Wetland Conservation Area
    • Goose Lake Wetland Conservation Area
    • Mallard Roost Wetland Conservation Area
    • Mendenhall Wetland Conservation Area
    • Rome City Wetland Conservation Area
    • Wirledge Wetland Conservation Area
    • Pisgah Marsh Units 2 & 3
    • Durham Lake Units 1, 2, & 3
    • Fish Lake Wetland Conservation Area
    • Galena Wetland Conservation Area
    • Menominee Wetland Conservation Area
    • Manitou Islands Wetland Conservation Area / Judy Burton & Bob Kern Nature Preserves
    • Hufford Wildlife Trust
    • Dick Blythe Wetland Conservation Area (non-toxic shot only)
    • Turkey Foot Wetland Conservation Area
    • Bittern Bog Wetland Conservation Area
    • Round Lake Wetland Conservation Area

    Other locations:


  • Results are typically posted within two weeks after the application period has closed.
  • To view draw results, go to https://secure.in.gov/apps/dnr/portal/#/home, log in to your account, and select “View Registrations” in your online dashboard.
  • If you do not have an account, please select “click here” to see the results of your registered hunts on the far right “Reserved Hunts” box. You will need your customer ID and date of birth.

Hunts Currently Taking Applications or Opening Soon

2020 Spring Wild Turkey Hunts

The pre-season drawing for allocating hunting opportunities on FWAs for the regular spring turkey hunting season has already been conducted.

However, several FWAs have open spots later in the turkey season, as not enough hunters applied to fill the available openings. Typically these hunting opportunities are filled by the no-show drawings. Because FWAs will not conduct no-show draws this year, there will be a supplemental online draw for these remaining spots.

The supplemental drawing application period will begin Monday, April 6 at 8 a.m. ET and end at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 12. Hunters will be drawn on Monday, April 13, and results will be emailed to applicants.

For the supplemental draw, hunters are allowed to apply for only one FWA. Hunters can choose up to two different hunt periods for this draw. If drawn, the hunter will be selected for either their first choice or second choice, not both. Each FWA only has the designated number of available openings for each of the hunt periods listed. If a hunt period is not listed, then there are no available openings. If a hunter was already successfully drawn for a reserved turkey hunt, they are not eligible for this supplemental drawing.

To apply for the supplemental drawing, visit https://bit.ly/2X4AzCO. Click on the button to "Add another hunt period" for that property as a second choice before clicking "Submit" and placing an order from the cart.

Selected turkey hunters will be mailed date-specific hunting permit cards for their hunt period as well as a parking permit. FWA offices will be closed to the public; however, the selected turkey hunters will still need to sign in each day at a property self-serve check-in booth before hunting. Hunters must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between each other while signing in.

Both youth-season and regular-season turkey hunters will use the same procedures. Hunters should keep their hunt permit card on their person while hunting and place their parking permit in the windshield of their vehicle. After each day's hunt, hunters should deposit their hunt permit card in a property drop box.


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