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Green or Gray Treefrog?

A young gray treefrog is often mistaken for the green treefrog because of it's green coloring. Immature gray treefrogs can have smooth, green skin, while the adults have a rough, green to gray to brown skin.

Green treefrogs are often bright green in color with pale to yellowish stripe along sides that may extend to groin. Side stripes may not be present on all individuals and the coloration can vary with from pale yellow to greenish-gray.

Young gray treefrogs can be distinguished from a green treefrog by the brown spot on the side of it's head (see photo).

Green Treefrog - Notice the yellowing-white strip on the side of the body and leg of the green treefrog; Gray Treefrog - The juvenile gray treefrog does not have these lines. It does have a brown 'spot' behind the eyes; Green treefrogs are considerably bigger than juvenile gray treefrogs. In fact, the gray treefrog here is sitting on the back of someone's hand!

Green tree frog by Mike Lodato
Gray Treefrog by Scott A. Namestnik