Goose Pond Public Recreation

The Greene County area has a wealth of natural resource recreation nearby, and this property will greatly enhance outdoor recreation and tourism.

Over thirty miles of trails will run along Goose Pond and Beehunter Marsh levees, offering a wide view of waterfowl, shorebirds, eagles, cranes and other wildlife.

An estimated 10,000 wildlife watchers and 8,000 hunters will flock to the area each year.

 A visitor center will serve as the centerpiece to the complex of natural resource areas around Goose Pond.

Goose Pond restoration will expand and complement a complex of recreational resources in southwestern Indiana:

  • Greene-Sullivan State Forest (7,000 acres along the western border of the project)
  • Shakamak State Park (2,500 acres 13 miles to the north)
  • Turtle Creek Reservoir (2,000 acres 20 miles to the west near the Wabash River)
  • West Fork of the White River (six miles south of Goose Pond)
  • Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge and Management Area (48 miles south)