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Projected Firearms Deer Seasons

The following dates are the projected Indiana firearms deer seasons through 2019.

These dates are based on the current administrative rules as of November 17, 2000 and are subject to change.

Season Dates
Nov. 14-Nov. 29
Nov. 16-Dec. 1
Nov. 17-Dec.2

Indiana Deer Information

Indiana Deer Seasons

Deer Archery Season

Starts on Oct. 1 of the given year and continues until the first Sunday in January of the next year.

Deer Reduction Zone

Starts Sept. 15 of given year until Jan. 31 of the next year.

Youth Deer Season

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) immediately before Oct. 1 of the given year.

Muzzleloader Season

First Saturday after firearms season closes and continues for 15 consecutive days.

Special Antlerless Season

Dec. 26 through the first Sunday in January of the next year in counties marked in green on the Bonus Antlerless map in the Hunting & Trapping Guide. These counties previously had a county bonus antlerless quota of four, but were reduced to a maximum of two in areas as the result of impacts from EHD. Counties with a green designation that are open during this Special Antlerless Season are: Brown, Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Franklin, Greene, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Jennings, Lawrence, Martin, Monroe, Orange, Owen, Perry, Ripley, Scott, and Washington.