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Report A Mammal


The Indiana Division of Fish & Wildlife needs your help to collect reports of certain mammals of interest.

Mammals of Interest include a variety of species. Some may be nocturnal and difficult to observe, like bobcats. Others are large carnivores that have no resident breeding populations, but are rare visitors to Indiana, like black bears and mountain lions. The report form will eventually also include species at risk of declining and Species of Greatest Conservation Need. Compiling observations of these species can help identify local and state-wide trends in these rare or elusive mammals.

Currently, the report form includes bobcats, black bears, gray wolves, and mountain lions, which are also known as cougars. Over the next year, DNR plans to add additional wildlife such as armadillo, badger, gray fox, least weasel, star-nosed mole, and Franklin’s ground squirrel.

Completion of this form is voluntary. Data submitted may be shared within DNR and partners with the discretion of DNR staff. Personal information will be used to process your observation and may also be used for participation in surveys and other secondary purposes. DNR staff will only respond to reports if more information is needed.