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Learn to Hunt Trap and Shoot

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Indiana DNR's hunting, trapping, and shooting education programs offer instruction for people interested in learning more about these outdoor activities. The initiative promotes, supports, and conducts events for novices of all ages, including families, adults, veterans, women, and individuals with disabilities. The programs are designed to create lifelong hunting, trapping, and shooting enthusiasts. They also encourage healthy lifestyles through physical activity, social interaction, and the consumption of locally sourced, free-range protein from hunting.

Hunting, trapping, and shooting are skills that are developed during a lifetime, so the program offers a variety of events covering different topics. These events are typically held at Fish & Wildlife Areas and include:

  • Learn to Hunt workshops: These species-specific workshops focus on the science and skills of hunting. The format can vary from one workshop to another, but all will include one or more of the following activities.
    • Classroom sessions on laws and regulations, biology, hunting, scouting techniques, and recommended equipment.
    • Field sessions
    • Range sessions that include practice of shooting techniques and shot placement.
    • Mentored hunt sessions during which participants pair with seasoned hunters in either a small group or one on one.
  • Learn to Shoot workshops: These workshops feature skilled instruction from experts and cover a specific firearm type or a variety of firearm types. Topics like safety, proper handling, shooting technique, and proper maintenance will be covered.
  • Learn to Trap workshops: These workshops cover the basics of trapping techniques and equipment. Topics include trap types, how to make a set, regulations, lures, fur handling, and more. Some of these workshops will involve setting traps to be checked the next day.

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Deer Hotline

Questions about Indiana’s deer seasons and regulations can be directed to the Indiana Deer Hotline at or 812-334-3795, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

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