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Permits & Licenses

The DNR Division of Entomology issues and regulates the following permits:

License/Permit Application Details
Nursery Dealer License State Form 42898 Plant Nursery Inspection & Certification
Nursery Grower Inspection State Form 53115 Plant Nursery Inspection & Certification
Permit to Move or Release Live Plant Pests and Pathogens, Weeds and Beneficial Organisms State Form 51859 List of Organisms Exempt from Permit
Federal Plant Pest Permits PPQ 526 Apply Online USDA APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine
USDA Biotechnology Permits Apply Online USDA APHIS Biotechnology Regulatory Services
Shipping Bees into Indiana State Form 49599 Apiary Inspection
Obtain or Possess Lythrum Species in Indiana State Form 54457 Purple Loosestrife
State or Federal Physanitary Request for Inspection State Form 53118 Phytosanitary Certificates
State Firewood Compliance Agreement Contact Inspectors Firewood
Application for Indiana Apiary Registration State Form 47075 Apiary Inspection

Questions regarding these forms can be directed to your local inspector or the Entomology Central Office at(317) 232-4120 or DEPP@dnr.IN.gov.