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2012 Indiana Gypsy Moth Treatment Archive

Maps of Treatment Areas for 2012

Statewide Overview Map of All Treatments

May 2012 Btk Treatment Maps

June 2012 Mating Disruption Treatment Maps

2012 Gypsy Moth Treatment Product Labels & MSDS Sheets

Mating Disruption Information

Btk Information

Proposed Treatments

If you are unable to attend one of the public meetings, you may still view the information which will be presented. Click here for a Presentation of the meeting content.

We enjoy talking about gypsy moth and would like to answer your questions and hear your comments. The comment period on these proposed treatments ends Friday, February 24, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. (EST).

Mail to:
Gypsy Moth 2012
Indiana DNR, Division of Entomology & Plant Pathology
402 W Washington St, W-290
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2739

Phone: (317) 232-4120
Toll Free Number: (866) NO-EXOTIC (866-663-9684)
E-mail: DEPP@dnr.IN.gov
Website: gypsymoth.in.gov

For more information on gypsy moth treatments contact the Purdue Entomology Gypsy Moth Education Program at (765) 494-0822

2012 Indiana Environmental Assessment Documents

Press Releases

Public Meetings


County Block Name Treatment Date Time Location Address
  • Rochester North 12
  • Rochester Northwest 12
  • Rochester South 12
Wednesday (2/1/2012) 6:00 pm (Eastern) Fulton County Public Library (Rochester Branch) [map] 320 West 7th. Street, Rochester
  • 150 West 12 (Treatment Cancelled - Effective 1/19/2012)
Thursday (2/2/2012)
6:00 pm (Eastern)
Warsaw Public Library [map] 310 East Main Street, Warsaw
  • Briar Ridge 12
  • Indianapolis Blvd 12
    (Treatment Cancelled - Effective 1/19/2012)
  • Oak Savannah 12
Tuesday (2/7/2012) 6:30 pm (Central) Lake County Public Library (Dyer-Schererville Branch)  [map] 1001 West Lincoln Highway, Schererville
Wednesday (2/8/2012) 6:30 pm (Central) Lake County Public Library (Hobart Branch) [map] 100 North Main Street, Hobart
  • Cobbs Corner 12
Tuesday (1/31/2012) 6:30 pm (Central) Prince of Peace Lutheran Church [map] 234 West Division Road, Valparaiso