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Common Pine Shoot Beetle

Common Pine Shoot Beetle Tomicus piniperda (Linnaeus) is a native of Europe and northern Africa that was discovered in Ohio in 1992. It was probably imported on wood packing material. The pine shoot beetle feeds on young shoots of pine trees, stunting growth. Scotch pine is the preferred host, but this beetle has been found on red, Jack, Eastern white, and Austrian pines as well.

Federal Quarantine

The federal quarantine includes all or parts of 20 states. The Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec also have quarantines.

All pine material is considered a regulated article under these rules. This includes bark, Christmas trees, logs, firewood with bark, lumber with bark, nursery stock, or pine wreaths and garland.

Products exiting the quarantine area must have a certificate or limited permit attached or be moved in accordance with the quarantine rules. For assistance with these regulations, please contact your local Nursery Inspector.

State Quarantine

Pine shoot beetle is found throughout the northern two-thirds of Indiana. The state quarantine was removed in fall 2016.