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DNR employeeThe Talk to a DNR Expert series hosts DNR employees knowledgeable about various topics to answer your questions! During each hour-long session, the expert goes onto the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook page to discuss the topic and answer questions as time permits. Experts well-versed about various topics are hosted at different times during the year. All topics, times and experts are subject to change.


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To join a talk, please see the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook page.


Indiana Archaeology Month

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2-3 p.m. EDT
Amy Johnson
Learn about archaeology in Indiana.

Upcoming topics/dates - All series/dates are subject to change.

2017 Upcoming Facebook Topics​​​

  • October - Bats

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How to join a Facebook talk or chat

Participation requires a free Facebook user account. Visit and "Like" the Indiana Department of Natural Resources on Facebook. You can e-mail questions before the talk or post questions on DNR's Facebook wall during the talk. Please use the comment feature under the expert's post instead of starting a new post. The expert will answer as many questions as possible in the time frame. Participants should follow DNR's social media comment policy, displayed below. Questions should be related to the topic or field of expertise.