YHCC at Goose Pond FWA

Austin Lucas

  • Name: Austin Lucas
  • Age: 20 
  • Hometown: Linton
  • Location: Goose Pond FWA
  • Duty: Maintenance
  • YHCC at Goose Pond FWA
    Goose Pond is Indiana’s newest Fish and Wildlife Area. Located just south of Linton, the 8,000 acres of wetland and wildlife habitat was purchased by the DNR in October 2005. Nature lovers and sportsmen are already reaping the benefits of this unique and vast property, but as with most land acquisitions, there is work to be done.

    Young Hoosiers Conservation Corps workers have been busy this summer helping make Goose Pond more visitor friendly. When land is secured for natural enjoyment, one of the last things visitors want to experience is disruption by vehicles. It is important for properties such as Goose Pond to have established, easily accessible parking areas.

    Linton's Austin Lucas, 20, has spent the last few months working to improve the parking at Goose Pond. The task has included leveling parking areas, installing post and cable fences, and crafting signs to designate the newly constructed parking areas.

    “When I started out here in May, we would find cars parked off the side of the road because people didn’t know where to park. Now, I think it’s a lot easier for people to realize where their cars are supposed to be parked,” Lucas said. 

    Goose Pond is divided into numerous sections. Sections BH1 through BH5N are located east of the main section of the property, which is accessible off Highway 59. It may take a little back-road driving to find the section of Goose Pond you seek, but now, thanks to new signs marking each parking area, visitors can be sure when they've reached the right place.

    Hunters have the opportunity to pursue waterfowl, quail, rabbit, dove, turkey, squirrel and deer at Goose Pond. Numerous bodies of water await anglers. Bird watchers have documented more than 250 bird species at Goose Pond.

    “I got to see the spoonbill this summer,” Lucas said. “It was incredible. And after work, I don’t have far to go before I’m fishing. I thought of moving to Indianapolis, but I don’t want to leave all this land behind.”

    The bird Lucas of which Lucas spoke―a roseate spoonbill― was a huge hit at Goose Pond this past summer. It was the first confirmed sighting of the species in Indiana. No one knows where the bird came from, or where it went, but roseate spoonbills are normally found along the Gulf Coast, down into South America. 

    As Goose Pond continues to gain more attention, its popularity should surely grow and the work of the YHCC will benefit the property and its visitors for years to come.

    “It’s worked out real well, having the YHCC workers here this summer,” said Dennis Workman, Goose Pond assistant property manager. “They have helped with fixing levees, eradicating beaver dams, and general maintenance that has helped make Goose Pond a better place to visit.”

    Maps of Goose Pond are available at the property office located at R.R.1 Box 431, Linton, 47441, or online at

    Parking areas are marked with a (P).