Outdoor Indiana Magazine - November/December 2008


You can help preserve our natural resources

Robert E. Carter, Jr.

Director Robert E. Carter, Jr.We have a lot to be thankful for in Indiana when it comes to natural resources—lakes, rivers, forests, rolling hills and prairies.

Some of the best places have been protected as state parks and forests, fish and wildlife areas, nature preserves, and other special properties, thanks in part to caring readers like you.

All of these places provide recreational opportunities to Hoosiers and visitors to our state.

Despite our best efforts in the past, it remains an ongoing challenge to protect Indiana’s natural heritage so we can meet the needs of future generations by providing readily accessible green spaces where citizens can go to relax, recreate and learn to appreciate the natural world.

In 1990, the Indiana General Assembly created a mechanism to help us meet that challenge—the Natural Resources Foundation.

The NRF is a not-for-profit organization that operates under the direction of a 12-member, bipartisan board appointed by the governor. Its mission is “to promote, support, assist, sustain and encourage the charitable, educational and scientific programs, projects and policies of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.”

Just a few of the ways the NRF has met its mission include sponsorship of “The Natural Heritage of Indiana,” a television documentary being produced by WFYI; numerous land acquisition projects that set aside thousands of acres, including Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area; and support of the inaugural Hoosier Outdoor Expo scheduled for Sept. 25-27, 2009, at Fort Harrison State Park.

Much work remains to be done. You can join us in this important mission to preserve our past and ensure a bright future.

Become a supporting member of the Natural Resources Foundation by calling (317) 234-5447 or by visiting our web links.

The NRF accepts tax-deductible donations of money or property.

By giving, you help protect Indiana’s rare, threatened or endangered species; expand, conserve and restore public lands for recreation; and provide natural resource learning opportunities for school children and visitors to our public lands.

Thank you for joining me in supporting the NRF.      



Robert E. Carter, Jr.