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Search and Rescue Training Program

Following a disaster, search and rescue professionals can offer vital assistance in recovery efforts.  In order to nurture and cultivate a strong search and rescue community within Indiana, IDHS’ Search and Rescue Training Section takes a comprehensive approach by offering training programs in K9 Search and Rescue, Search, Technical Rescue and Search Management.

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A key component to IDHS’ Search and Rescue program is the Mari Hulman George Search and Rescue Center (SAR Center) located at Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana.  The facility, originally constructed by volunteers in 1990, underwent renovations in 2001, and was eventually dedicated on August 29, 2001.  The facility took on the name the Mari Hulman George Search and Rescue Center in recognition of Ms. Hulman George’s support for providing care to animals affected by disasters.

The IDHS Mari Hulman George SAR Center not only offers numerous training courses but also has exceptional outdoor training facilities.  In addition to a K-9 agility field and rubble piles, the facility offers venues to train in confined space rescue, vehicle search and hazardous materials response.   The center, unique in the nation, is available for training by civilian volunteers as well as local, state, and federal emergency response and law enforcement agencies.  Various military teams and teams from across the country also use the training facility and classrooms. Many of these same agencies have responded to major as well as minor disasters such as the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, missing person searches, and many other national, state, and local incidents.

The Center strives to meet the ever changing needs of Emergency Response agencies, by providing joint training and communicating through and the Search and Rescue Training Advisory Committee (SARTAC).  The center has improved and will continue to advance Indiana’s Emergency Response capabilities.

For training opportunities, please email Training@dhs.IN.gov