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Public Records Request Web Form

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) Office of General Counsel manages and maintains public records and responds to public records requests made to the agency in accordance with the Indiana Access to Public Records Act (Indiana Code 5-14-3). IDHS is committed to providing maximum transparency to the public with very few exceptions.

Prior to submitting a request using the IDHS Public Records Request Web Form below, please review the following information, which provides valuable insight into records that may be withheld from public disclosure and anticipated timelines for processing requests. Links may also be provided if records are available through a public-facing website or database without the need to submit a public records request.

Requests are received and processed as quickly as possible by IDHS. Depending on the type of record requested, complexity of the request and staffing availability, the entire process from receipt of the request, receipt of the records, review of the records and distribution to the requestor may be 4–6 weeks or longer.

Records IDHS Maintains and Records IDHS Does Not Maintain

Examples of Records IDHS Maintains
  • Construction design releases for Class I construction projects (new and remodels)
  • Inspection reports for amusement rides, buildings and boilers and pressure vessels
  • Operating permits for amusement rides, elevators and lift devices
Examples of Records IDHS Does Not Maintain

Publicly Available Data, Documents and General Agency Information

Public Records Request Web Form