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IDHS to Purge Cancelled, Stale Grant Applications

IDHS will be purging cancelled grant applications and in-process applications that were never submitted in IntelliGrants. Declined or denied applications will be kept in the system. Applicants can fill out the following form to request deletion: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/cd899a9b13634985b35d30d387d14f58. Please be sure that you have the document ID number for each application. A maximum of five applications at a time can be requested on one form. Enter only one application name to be deleted per field. If you have more than five applications to delete, please submit multiple forms. The developer will purge the applications by the following quarter end dates: June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31, 2023.

About Grants

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) works to effectively and efficiently manage state-initiated grant programs, as well as federal grant funding awarded to Indiana for the advancement of homeland security initiatives. Agency staff manage three annual federal grants, bringing more than $11.5 million dollars to the state for disaster preparedness programs focused on natural and man-made disasters, as well as hazardous material response programs. IDHS also manages several state-level grants, including the Secured School Safety Grant, from which more than $110 million has been awarded to schools to improve school security and safety. The agency also applies for and manages funds that support fire departments and other first responders to do their jobs more safely and effectively.

Grant Programs

IDHS manages both state-initiated grant programs and federal grants awarded to Indiana for homeland security initiatives. Additionally, IDHS works to connect entities across the state with even more resources and funds not managed by the agency. The IDHS Grant Resource Guide cites a few of those resources and informs Hoosiers about other grant programs that could be helpful in supporting public safety across Indiana.

State Grant Programs

Indiana offers several state-funded grants through a variety of programs vital to maintaining public safety throughout the state.

Federal Grant Programs

IDHS works to obtain federal grant funding each year through multiple sources, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Fire Administration and other federal organizations. Learn more below.

Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Grant Programs

Following a disaster, grant funding may be made available to individuals and communities to assist in the recovery process. Additionally, federal grant dollars may be earmarked to assist communities become more resilient and limit future damage from disasters through property buyout programs, safe room programs and more.

Grant Resources

IDHS-administrated grants require entities to have specific registration numbers in order to process applications and payments. Public safety partners can plan ahead for application periods by verifying their UEI number, vendor number and bidder number prior to applying for any grants. These registrations are vital to the grant award process, and incorrect information could disqualify an application from moving past the first round of the review process. Visit the Grants Frequently Asked Questions page for initial help with registration and applications.

Grants Support Ticket

See the Grants Frequently Asked Questions page for initial help before submitting a ticket.