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State Fire Marshal "Get Alarmed" Smoke Alarm Program

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In late 2018, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security received a federal Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to dedicate resources toward reducing injury and preventing fire deaths in high-risk populations.

The $521,000 grant will support the purchase of 10,000 smoke alarms with 10-year lithium ion batteries across the next two years. The IDHS Get Alarmed campaign will work closely with service providers and fire departments beginning in Spring 2019 to distribute alarms across the state at no cost. The grant requires fire departments to personally install all alarms.

The Indiana Fire Marshal tracked 93 fire fatalities in 2018, a significant increase from the previous year. Nationally, more than two-thirds of fatal fires occur in home with no working smoke alarms.

The Indiana State Fire Marshal is accepting requests from fire departments and citizens seeking smoke alarms for their primary residences. If interested, please submit your request via the link below and you will be contacted in the coming months about how to participate in the Get Alarmed campaign and receive your smoke alarms.

Need to Get Alarmed? Make a smoke alarm request here

Already Alarmed? Report Get Alarmed program installations here


  • Must be an installation program.  The smoke alarms must be installed by members of your fire department or by members of your organization’s partnerships (i.e. Boy Scouts, church organizations, Kiwanis, Elks, Optimist, etc.) in each household.
  • This program will only provide:
    • One (1) dual function smoke alarm per household for the deaf and hard of hearing households.
    • 10 year non-tamper photoelectric smoke alarm. One (1) per level per household.
    • If more than three (3) smoke alarms are needed for the household, it is the responsibility of your fire department to educate the homeowner about purchasing another one.
    • There will be an application limit of twenty (20) ten year non-tamper battery smoke alarms per application.

ARC, Fire Marshal, IDHSPlease mail or e-mail your questions to:


Office of the State Fire Marshal
302 W Washington St
IGCS, Rm E241
Indianapolis, IN  46204

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