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New Year's Eve Safety Tips

Infographic of when fireworks can be set off statewide
See state statute on fireworks hours

Each year, drunk driving is involved in more than 120 traffic fatalities (on average) during the New Year’s holiday, which represents 40 percent of the total traffic fatalities during the holiday period (2009–2019). Whether you are hosting or attending a New Year's celebration, make a resolution to celebrate it responsibly and safely.

New Year's Safety Tips

  • Hosting a New Year's Celebration
    Partygoers hold sparklers

    Hosting a New Year's party is a fun way to bring in the New Year with loved ones. Help keep your attendees safe during the celebration:

    • Practice proper fireworks safety, and research local and state fireworks laws.
    • Avoid drunk driving by designating someone to collect car keys.
    • Pop champagne bottle corks away from guests and at a 45-degree angle.
    • Enforce a maximum number of alcoholic drinks people can consume.
    • Provide partygoers the opportunity to sleep over in a guest bedroom or on couches.
    • Do not let a person who has been drinking get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Take the person's keys and help arrange a safe ride home.
  • Attending a New Year's Celebration
    Partygoer pouring champagne into others' glasses

    Attending a New Year's celebration can be fun, but also full of potential hazards. When attending, practice proper situational awareness:

    • Attend the celebration with trusted friends or loved ones.
    • Choose a designated driver responsible for driving the group home from the celebration.
    • Carry a portable cell phone charger to ensure cell phones are available in case of an emergency.
    • Consume food before drinking alcoholic beverages.
    • Report drunk drivers and suspicious individuals to law enforcement.
    • Always wear a seat belt.


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