Sound the Alarm

IDHS and American Red Cross Sound the Alarm on Fire Safety

The American Red Cross will distribute more than 13,000 smoke detectors in Indiana as part of a nationwide campaign to Sound the Alarm for fire safety, kicking off on April 28.

Local fire departments, volunteers and other community partners will canvass Indiana neighborhoods and install smoke alarms for families in need. Individuals with existing alarms can have volunteers test the alarms to ensure they are working properly and replace dead batteries. Sound the Alarm is a vital part of the American Red Cross’ Home Fire Campaign that launched in 2014 with one goal in mind: saving lives. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is proud to partner with the American Red Cross to promote fire safety.

Indiana is ahead of pace for fire-related deaths this year, with 42 fire deaths reported to IDHS already in 2018. (A total of 70 fire deaths were reported in 2017.) In most cases where a fire fatality occurs, a functioning smoke alarm in the home cannot be verified. State Fire Marshal Jim Greeson wants Hoosiers to recognize the necessity of working smoke alarms. “Fire safety is of utmost importance and it starts with having working smoke alarms in the home,” Greeson said. “Smoke alarms play a crucial role in reducing fire-related injuries and deaths.”

“Home fires are the biggest disaster threat we face, killing an average of seven people in this country every day,” said Charlie Maltbie, regional disaster officer for the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross. “Across Indiana, we have responded to nearly 1,500 home fires in the last nine months. Please help us Sound the Alarm by volunteering to install smoke alarms in your community, making a financial contribution, or taking steps to protect your own family from home fires.”

Sound the Alarm is a year-round campaign and the American Red Cross is always looking for partner departments and organizations within the community. The campaign continues to be successful, accounting for about 100,000 smoke alarms installed each year. However, there is an additional need for partners in rural areas in order to further expand reach, especially in at-risk neighborhoods.

The smoke alarms are provided by the American Red Cross, as well as training and resources to support partner departments, organizations and volunteers interested in participating in Sound the Alarm.

Marshal Greeson and IDHS Executive Director Bryan Langley will participate in neighborhood smoke alarm installations on May 4 in support of Sound the Alarm.

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