Request for Written Interpretation

Any person involved in a dispute with a county or municipality regarding the interpretation of a building or fire safety law may request that a written interpretation be issued by the State Building Commissioner. To request an interpretation, you must submit the following form, which will be used to process the request.

The form must be submitted by one of the following methods:

  • By email to Note: If delivering by email, please include in the subject line "Request for Written Interpretation."
  • By mail to:
    Indiana Department of Homeland Security
    Attn: Craig Burgess
    302 W. Washington St. Rm. E208
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

Pursuant to Indiana Code § 22-13-5-2, the State Buliding Commissioner shall issue a written interpretation of a building or fire safety law upon the written request of an interested person. A written interpretation issued under this statute binds the interested person and the county or municipality with whom the interested person has the dispute

Request for Written Interpretation Form