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Radioactive Materials Registration

The Hazardous Materials section of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Fire (IDHS) Building Safety Division has the responsibility of regulating the use of all radioactive materials in the State of Indiana. As part of this responsibility, the Hazardous Materials section registers all radioactive material facilities. Per Indiana Code 10-19-11, "radioactive material" means: byproduct material; source material; special nuclear material; or any solid, liquid, or gas material that emits radiation spontaneously.

Radioactive Materials Registration Application 
(Does not replace Nuclear Regulatory Commission license) 

Please submit completed applications to:

IDHS Radiation Programs
Indiana Government Center South
302 W. Washington Street, Room E241
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Summary of Requirements

The users or persons having legal administrative control of radioactive materials are required by statute, Radiation Control Act of Indiana (IC 10-19-11) to register the materials with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). There are no administrative fees to process the registration application.

Radioactive materials include by-product, source, and special nuclear materials, all licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC); and naturally-occurring and accelerator-produced radioactive materials, (NARM), which are regulated by IDHS. In accordance with the Indiana Rule for Radiation Control (410 IAC 5), specifically, 410 IAC 5-2-1, each person who receives, possesses, uses, transfers, owns or acquires radioactive material shall register such materials with IDHS.

To register your facility, please complete in full, the above registration application (State Form 49771). THIS REGISTRATION SHALL BE RENEWED EVERY TWO (2) YEARS. The IDHS will issue a Radioactive Material Facility Registration Certificate. This certificate will include a Registration Number and an Expiration Date. Please include the Registration Number in all correspondence to this office. Does not replace Nuclear Regulatory Commission license.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY TO RENEW THE STATE REGISTRATION. It is also your responsibility to notify our office in writing if: (1) the facility changes ownership, (2) the facility ceases all activities covered by the State Registration, or (3) there is a transfer of ownership of radioactive material. Other changes might include: (1) addition or deletion of materials, (2) maximum activities, (3) address and/or telephone, or (4) Radiation Protection Officer. Any changes in your State Registration information during the two (2) year period requires written notification to the IDHS within 30 days as an amendment. You may also use State Form 49771 to submit amendments (please check amendment).

In completing the Registration Application, please be sure to: (1) read the instructions at the top of the application form; (2) check the appropriate box for: New Registration, 2 Year Renewal, or Amendment; (3) list a street address, a post office box is not acceptable; (4) date and sign the application at the bottom; (5) CHECK the appropriate boxes indicating the activity (Ci/mCi/µCi/pCi) of sources; and (6) Please include copy of most current or most recent amendment of your Nuclear Regulatory Commission license.

For questions regarding the registration of radioactive materials, please email hazmat@dhs.in.gov or call 317-232-2222.