Application for Amusement Ride Permit

1. If you are ready to apply online please have the following information ready:

  • Information about the owner.
  • Information about amusement rides.
  • Owner insurance information.
  • Electronic copies of Amusement ride itinerary, and Amusement Ride Schedule request, Amusement Ride Affidavit etc., documents for document upload.
  • Credit card for making the payment.

2. Other important information to consider when you are filing this application:

  • Keep all the information at hand when filing. If the web application times you out you will have to re-type all the information.
  • If you have questions regarding the Amusement Rides Permits, please contact Greg Hadnott or Tom Hendricks.
  • You will have to pay instant access and credit card fees besides the normal fees to use this service.
  • If you experience technical difficulties using the application contact for assistance.

3. You can use this online application to apply for new Amusement Ride Permits, Renew last year permits, pay invoices, update insurance information, etc.