Building Plan Review Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1: What documents and information are needed to obtain an early foundation release on a construction project when I don't have all the plans completed for submission?

Question 2: I want my project to be released as soon as possible. What deficiencies commonly hold up the review process? ANSWER HERE

Question 3: If my project must be certified by a design professional, must the individual who does the construction inspection be an architect or engineer registered in Indiana? ANSWER HERE

Question 4: How long will it take for my plans to be reviewed? ANSWER HERE

Question 5: How long does the Plan Review process take? ANSWER HERE

Question 6: I am an architect or building owner and I have a specific question about my project. Who do I contact? ANSWER HERE

Question 7: I'm a Contractor or Subcontractor - can I contact IDHS with questions about a project? ANSWER HERE

Question 8: What if I don't know my project number? ANSWER HERE

Question 9: I am an architect or building owner and I have a question about an unfiled project. Who do I contact? ANSWER HERE

Question 10: What code requirements will apply to my project? ANSWER HERE

Question 11: How will I know when my plans have been approved? ANSWER HERE

Question 12: We are planning to build a 900-square-foot pump house within our existing municipal sewage plant facility. Will a design release be required prior to construction?

Question 13: What buildings must have a design release issued by the office of the State Building Commissioner before construction my be done? ANSWER HERE

Question 14:  I am an architect or building owner and I have general questions about filing plans, fees, pre-screening process, etc. Who should I contact?

Question 15:  We are going to replace our 100-ampere breaker panel with a 200-ampere panel. Must we obtain a design release for this work? ANSWER HERE

Question 16: In Indiana is polystyrene foam insulation permitted to be applied directly to the roof deck without an intervening thermal barrier? ANSWER HERE